<<August 2020>>

KZNDOE MMM Meeting - The KZN MEC for Education, the Honourable, Mr Kwazi Mshengu, Chaired the final Extended MEC Management Meeting for 2019 and planned for the "2020 Back to School" Academic Year


Key points by the MEC in his opening remarks were:

  1. In 2020 the curriculum delivery will be the center of focus;
  2. We must steam ahead with the 3 stream model curriculum;
  3. La Mercy to be made the School of Innovation, starting with Grade 8 in 2021
  4. Building of schools should be informed by the needs of curriculum, extra mural activities and other programmes.

In his remarks, the Head of Department focused on the following:

  1. Budget cuts affecting all Department;
  2. Winter School Classes Programme went very well;
  3. Violence in schools;
  4. State of Readiness for 2020 Academic Year;
  5. Storm damage in schools
  6. Learner Admission, gate keeping is still a problem.
  7. In 2020 as the Department, we must be aggressive in the introduction of e-systems;

Other agenda items, topics the meeting will be going to be discussed are:

  1. Update on Educator Appointments for 2020;
  2. Filling of office based posts;
  3. Infrastructure plan for 2020;
  4. Provision of school furniture;
  5. State of readiness for special schools, viz. LTSM;
  6. Update on learner Admission;
  7. Reading Strategy/Plan;
  8. State of LTSM Delivery;
  9. State of Readiness on the Release of National Senior Certificate Results; and
  10. Expenditure projections for 2019/20.




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