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>> KZN Circular of 2007
>> KZN Circular of 2008
>> KZN Circular of 2009
>> KZN Circular of 2010
>> KZN Circular of 2011
>> KZN Circular of 2012
>> KZN Circular of 2013
>> KZN Circular of 2014
>> KZN Circular of 2015


KZN Circular of 2007

  KZN Circular No. 52 of 2007

KZN Circular of 2008

  KZN FC Circular No. 2 of 2008: Policy and Procedure for Dealing with Irregular, Unauthorized, Fruitless and Wasteful Expenditure

  KZN FC Circular No. 3 of 2008: Policy and Procedure to Deal with Claims Against the State through Acts or Omissions and Recovery of Monies due to the State

  KZN Transport Circular No 7 of 2008: Issuing of New First Auto Cards

  KZN Circular No. 53 of 2008: National Science Week

  KZN Circular No. 92 of 2008: Departmental Service Excellence Awards: 2008

  KZN Circular No. 104 of 2008: Annual Disposal of Movable Assets and Inventory: September 2008

  KZN Circular No. 107 of 2008: Launch Of Foundations For The Learning Campaign By MEC, Ms Ina Cronje, 09 September 2008, FET College, Northdale Campus Time 13h00-16h30

  KZN Circular No. 109 of 2008: Approval When Undertaking National and International Visits

  KZN DoE Circular No. 114 of 2008: Code of Conduct for Public Servants

KZN Circular of 2009

  KZN Circulars No. 14 & 15 of 2009: Deadline for the Purchase of Assets, General Goods/Services and Submissions for Invoices

  KZN Circular No. 17 of 2009: Re-Development of the Departmental Internet and Intranet Website (URS - Internet &     Intranet Requirement Checklist)

  KZN Circular No. 19 of 2009: Logistics, Assets and Disposals

  KZN Circular No. 27 of 2009: Meningitis Information

  KZN Circular No. 31 of 2009: Application for Liquor Licence or Occasional Permits

  KZN Circular No. 43 of 2009: Child Protection Week : 25 May 2009 to 01 June 2009

  KZN Circular No. 80 of 2009: Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign

  KZN Circular No. 95 of 2009: KZNDoE Public Service Month - October 2009

  KZN Circular No. 97 of 2009: Cancellation of GEC

  KZN Circular No. 103 of 2009: Minimum Requirements and Guidelines for the Implementation for the conduct of the Information Technology (IT) and Computer Application Technology (CAT)

KZN Circular No. 106 of 2009: Allocated Functions in terms of Section 21 of the SASA, Act, 1996, as amended

KZN Circular of 2010

 KZN Circular No. 09 & 15 of 2010: Department Website (Intranet and Internet)

KZN Circular No. 11 of 2010: Firearms Audit

 KZN Circular No. 14 of 2010: KZNDoE Complaints Officers

 KZN Circular No. 15 of 2010: Complaints Handling Procedure

 KZN Circular No. 18 of 2010: Registration of Sim Cards In Terms Of Regulation of Interception of Communication and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act, 2008 (RICA) Act No. 48 Of 2008

 KZN Circular No. 19 of 2010: Appointment of Makers: November 2010 National Senior Certificate Examination

KZN Circular No. 25 of 2010: Annual Inventory Count for the Financial Year Ending 31 March 2010

KZN Circular No. 30 of 2010: Release of SNAP Survey 2010

KZN Circular No. 40 of 2010: Compulsory Reporting of Abused or Neglected Children and Children in Need of Care and Protection

KZN Circular No. 50 of 2010: Service Commitment Charter and Service Standards in Service Delivery Points

KZN Circular No. 51 of 2010: Video Conferencing Facility

KZN Circular No. 59 of 2010: Safety Measures for Laptops and KZN Circular No. of 2010 - Procument of IT-Related Equipment

KZN Circular No. 67 of 2010: Preparation for the MEC's Indaba on Improving Grade 12 Results

KZN Circular No. 87 of 2010: KZNDoE Service Excellence Awards: 2010

KZN Circular No. 88 of 2010: Word document template for the Implementation of the 11 Batho Pele Principles

 KZN Circular No. 89 of 2010: Rescheduling of Annual National Assessments (ANA) for Grades 1 - 6 and Grade 9 (Pilot)

KZN Circular No. 103 of 2010: Invitation to attend the MEC'S Planning Session on the Ten Point Plan for 2011 to take place on 02 December 2010 at Tongaat Teachers’ Centre starting at 12H30

KZN Circular of 2011

KZN Circular No. 03 of 2011: Review of the Provincial QLTC Steering Committee and Establishment of District, Circuit and School QLTC Structures

 KZN Circular No. 10 of 2011: Access to Internet - (Internet and Email Application Form)

 KZN Circular No. 17 of 2011: Regarding School Functionality on 28 and 29 April 2011

 KZN Circular No. 21 of 2011: School Calendar for 2012 Academic Year for your information

 KZN Circular No. 29 of 2011: ICT Fair

 KZN Circular No. 31 of 2011: Implementation of Language Policy in all Public Schools

 KZN Circular No. 34 of 2011: Relocation of Staff

 KZN Circular No. 48 of 2011: Name change of ABET Directorate to AET Directorate

 KZN Circular No. 54 of 2011: Security Directive: Access Control Standard Operating Procedures for the Department of Education

 KZN Circular No. 59 of 2011: National Science Week, 01 to 06 August 2011

 KZN Circular No. 60A of 2011: Guidelines for Expenditure for Norms and Standards Funding for Grade R

 KZN Circular No. 62 of 2011: KZNDoE Strategy to Improve Reading in Grades 1 to 6

 KZN Circular No. 64 of 2011: Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study [TIMSS]

 KZN Circular No. 65 of 2011: Matric Intervention Programme for the Improvement of Grade 12 Results in 2011

 KZN Circular No. 70 and 71 of 2011: Provincial Intervention Programme for the Improvement of Annual National Assessment [ANA] Results for 2012 with Management Plan

 KZN Circular No. 81 of 2011: Celebration of the International Literacy Day, 08 September 2011

 KZN Circular No. 84 of 2011: Matric Intervention Programme for the improvement of Grade 12 Results in 2011

 KZN Circular No. 85 of 2011: AET Literacy Celebrations

 KZN Circular No. 88 of 2011: Matric Intervention Programme for the improvement of Grade 12 Results in 2011

 KZN Circular No. 90 of 2011: Implementation Protocol between the Department of Basic Education and the Department of Home Affairs

 KZN Circular No. 91 of 2011: KZNDoE Service Excellence Award 2011

 KZN Circular No. 100 of 2011: Preparation for the NSC Examination


KZN Circular of 2012


 KZN Circular No. 04 of 2012: Submission of Learner Data for Registration of Learners in Lurits for ANA Processes

 KZN Circular No. 07 of 2012: School Governing Body Elections in Public Schools

 KZN Circular No. 09 of 2012: Establishment of Representative Councils of Learners in Public Schools [RCL]

 KZN Circular No. 13 of 2012: Department of Health Programmes in Schools

 KZN Circular No. 14 of 2012: Appreciation for Services Rendered in School Governance

 KZN Circular No. 17 of 2012: Pronouncement on the Outcome of the MEC’s Consultation with School Governing Bodies

 KZN Circular No. 18 of 2012: Child Protection Week from 28 May to 04 June 2012

 KZN Circular No. 26 of 2012: Provision of nated 550 Classes by the Adult Education and Training Directorate

 KZN Circular No. 27 of 2012: KZN Literacy Calendar

 KZN Circular No. 32 of 2012: Measures to Counter Violence, Drug Abuse and Other Forms of Crimes in Public Schools

 KZN Circular No. 35 of 2012: 2012 Annual National Assessment [ANA] with Management Plan

 KZN Circular No. 39 of 2012: The Disposal of Ephemeral (Obsolete) Departmental Records

 KZN Circular No. 58 of 2012: Admission of Learners in Public Schools in KwaZulu-Natal for 2013

 KZN Circular No. 59 of 2012: Circulars for Distribution to All Education Users and Uploads for Intranet and Website

 KZN Circular No. 60 of 2012: Career Guidance and Counselling Coordinators

 KZN Circular No. 61 of 2012: Provincial Public Service Career Exhibition 2012

 KZN Circular No. 65 of 2012: Re: Procurement of Stationery: 2013 Academic Year Schools with Function C

 KZN Circular No. 66 of 2012: Re: Procurement of Stationery: 2013 Academic Year Schools without Section 21(1) (C) Function

 KZN Circular No. 72 of 2012: Approved Corporate Branding for the Department of Education

 KZN NSNP Circular No. 73 of 2012: Cancellation of NSNP Selection Process for 2012/2013

 KZN Circular No. 75 of 2012: Applications are Invited from permanent Public Service Staff and Office Based Personnel for Bursary Awards 2013

 KZN Circular No. 78 of 2012: Key Strategic Activities for the Third and the Fourth Terms

 KZN Circular No. 79 of 2012: Request for Officials in Get and FET Curriculum, Elits and Other Components at District Level to Assist in the Selection of the Textbooks by Schools During the Displays

 KZN Circular No. 81 of 2012: Bursaries for Un-Qualified and Professionally Un-Qualified Teachers

 KZN Circular No. 88 of 2012: Guidelines and Procedures for Completion of School Based Assessment (SBA), Orals and Practical Assessment Tasks (PAT) Computer Generated Mark Sheets for the National Senior Certificate Examination Grade 12 (2012)

 KZN Circular No. 89 of 2012: Construction of Steel Roof: 228 Pietermaritz Street

 KZN Circular No. 90 of 2012: Procurement of Textbooks: Public Schools Without Section 21(1)(C) Function: 2013 Academic Year

 KZN Circular No. 91 of 2012: Procurement of Textbooks: 2012 Academic Year: Schools With Function C

 KZN Circular No. 94 of 2012: Policy on Wireless Datacard

 KZN Circular No. 96 of 2012: Celebration of the International Literacy Week, 10-14 September 2012

 KZN Circular No. 97 of 2012: Re: Administration of Common Assessment Task for Life Orientation in Grade 12

 KZN Circular No. 104 of 2012: Departmental Theme Mapping Calendar for Head Office and Districts

KZN Circular No. 102 of 2012: Commencement and Termination Dates of Internal School Examinations

 KZN Circular No. 108 of 2012: Designation of Commissioner of Oaths in Terms of Section 6 of the Justice the Peace and Commissioners of Oath Act 16, 1963 (Act 16 of 1963)

 KZN Circular No. 112 of 2012: Relocation of Some Offices or Units following Restructuring of the KZNDOE

 KZN Circular No. 113 of 2012: Invitation to Attend Communication Strategy Workshop

 KZN Circular No. 115 of 2012: Communication Strategy Workshop for Districts

 KZN Circular No. 118 of 2012: Procedure for the Naming/Change of Departmental Buildings

 KZN Circular No. 121 of 2012: Matric Intervention Programme

 KZN Circular No. 122 of 2012: Suspension of all Public School Outings or Trips for Academic and Extramural Activities.

 KZN Circular No. 123 of 2012: Report by DBE and JICA on a pilot study on ANA conducted in Ilembe, Umlazi and Ugu Districts

 KZN Circular No. 125 of 2012: Guidelines for Dealing with Learner Behaviour during the Writing of Public Examination

 KZN Circular No. 129 of 2012: Procedures and Guidelines for the Conduct of the Final Practical Examination in Computer Applications Technology – National Senior Certificate: November 2012 Grade 12 Examination

 KZN Circular No. 130 of 2012: Delivery of Workbooks

 KZN Circular No. 131 of 2012: Notice of the Expiry of Current NSNP Contracts on 30 November 2012

 KZN Circular No. 133 of 2012: Re: Under Expenditure on the HIV and AIDS Conditional Grant

 KZN Circular No. 139 of 2012: Re: Adult Education And Training Level 4 Examination

 KZN Circular No. 141 of 2012: Invitation to the Workshop on Curriculum Management Strategy

 KZN Circular No. 143 of 2012: Provisioning of Classroom Equipment to Schools

 KZN Circular No. 146 of 2012: Electronic submission of SNAP and all other Survey Forms for 2013

 KZN Circular No. 148 of 2012: Phase 5 of the Headcount

 KZN Circular No. 152 of 2012: Dates for School Functionality Monitoring 2013


KZN Circular of 2013


 KZN Circular No. 01 of 2013: Appointment for the New Services Providers for the NSNP

 KZN Circular No. 05 of 2013: KZN Circular No. 5 of 2013: Common Test Programme 2013 - Grades, 10, 11 and 12

 KZN Circular No. 06 of 2013: Establishment of representative councils of learners in public schools (RCL)

 KZN Circular No. 09 of 2013: Subject Combinations for Learners in Grade 10-12

 KZN Circular No. 12 of 2013: Provision of Classroom Equipment

 KZN Circular No. 17 of 2013: Changes in the NSNP Claim Process for 2013 14 Financial Year

 KZN Circular No. 18 of 2013: Applications for Participation of Schools in NSNP 2013 14 Financial Year

 KZN Circular No. 19 of 2013: Stop Rape Campaign Among 10.2 million learners: Friday 01 March 2013

 KZN Circular No. 25 of 2013: Financial Literacy Speech Contest for Grade 11 Learners

 KZN Circular No. 26 of 2013: Utilisation and Implementation of the Approved KZN DOE Filing System

 KZN Circular No. 27 of 2013: ANA Recruitment of Test Developers, Moderators, Translators and Internal Moderators

 KZN Circular No. 30 of 2013: School Calendar for 2014 Academic Year

 KZN Circular No. 35 of 2013: The Matric Intervention Programme for 2013

 KZN Circular No. 38 of 2013: Implementation of the National Curriculum Statement - Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS)

 KZN Circular No. 39 of 2013: Official media and public commenting

KZN Circular No. 41 of 2013: Centralisation of the Evaluation Of Posts from Salary Level 9 to 12

 KZN Circular No. 42 of 2013: Learner Registration for Annual Assessment (ANA) 2013

 KZN Circular No. 48 of 2013: Procurement of Stationery for 2014 Academic Year: Schools with Function C

 KZN Circular No. 49 of 2013: Procurement of Stationery for 2014 Academic Year: Public Schools without Section 2(1)(C) Function

 KZN Circular No. 51 of 2013: Workbooks Management Of Wrong Deliveries, Shortages And Surpluses

 KZN Circular No. 52 of 2013: Admission of Learners in Public Schools in KZN for 2014

 KZN Circular No. 56 of 2013: Teaching and Learning During the Tests Writing Period

 KZN Circular No. 59 of 2013: Training Workshops On Caps Has Been Postponed

 KZN Circular No. 61 of 2013: Procurement Of Textbooks - Schools With Function C

 KZN Circular No. 62 of 2013: Procurement Of Textbooks : Public Schools Without Section 21 (1) C Function

 KZN Circular No. 63 of 2013: Monitoring The Opening Of Schools

 KZN Circular No. 64 of 2013: Annual National Assessment (ANA) 2013 Recruitment of Developers, Test Moderators, Translators and Editors

KZN Circular No. 68 of 2013: 2013 School Based Assessment Moderation (SBAM) - General Education and Training (GET) Band Grade 1-9
Annexure D - List of Provincial Sampled Schools
SBAM Guidelines
SBAM Management Plan

 KZN Circular No. 75 of 2013: Final Verification Of Delivery Of 2013 Workbooks To Schools

 KZN Circular No. 77 of 2013: Workshop On Learner Teacher Support Material (LSM)

 KZN Circular No. 78 of 2013: First National Bank Durban Deepavali Art and Essay Festival 2013

 KZN Circular No. 79 of 2013: FNB Durban Deepavali Cultural Festival 2013

 KZN Circular No. 80 of 2013: Request for the promotional material

 KZN Circular No. 82 of 2013: Amendment To School Calendar For The 2013 Academic Year

 KZN Circular No. 84 of 2013: Approved Corporate Identity for the Provincial Department of Education

 KZN Circular No. 87 of 2013: Request for the Funeral and Memorial Service Notices

 KZN Circular No. 91 of 2013: Delivery of Stationery and Textbooks to Public Schools for the 2014 School Year

 KZN Circular No. 96 of 2013: 20 Year Review Programme

 KZN Circular No. 98 of 2013: Delivery of Workbooks for the 2014 School Year

KZN Circular No. 101 of 2013: Timeous Response to Media Queries

 KZN Circular No. 103 of 2013: Schools' Democracy Week 1-7 October 2013

 KZN Circular No. 106 of 2013: Spring School Programme And Saturday Classes 2013

 KZN Circular No. 108 of 2013: Request for Support to the DPSA and KZN DOE Organizational Functionality Assessment (OFA) and the Workstream Members thereof in the Performance of their OFA Related Activities

 KZN Circular No. 115 of 2013: Invitation to Attend a Partnership Meeting on QLTC

 KZN Circular No. 117 of 2013: Approved Corporate Identity for the Provincial Department of Education

 KZN Circular No. 118 of 2013: Invitation to a Strategic Planning Session: KZN Department of Education

 KZN Circular No. 119 of 2013: Invitation To A Strategic Planning Session

 KZN Circular No. 119 of 2013: Distribution of Resources for the Integrated School Health Programme

 KZN Circular No. 120 of 2013: Invitation to the District Evaluating Committee for the Selection of Service Providers for NSNP


KZN Circular of 2014


 KZN Circular No. 03 of 2014: Compensation for School Fees Exemptions

 KZN Circular No. 05 of 2014: Administration of the National School Nutrition Programme (NSNP) in KZN

 KZN Circular No. 06 of 2014: Assistance on the Utilisation And Implementation of the Approved KZN-Doe Filing System

 KZN Circular No. 07 of 2014: Transfer of Departmental Files to Metrofile

 KZN Circular No. 08 of 2014: Administration of the National School Nutrition Programme in KZN

 KZN Circular No. 10 of 2014: ANA - Rescheduling for the Submission of 2014 ANA Markers Application Forms

 KZN Circular No. 11 of 2014: Departmental 2004-2014 Achievements

 KZN Circular No. 14 of 2014: Workbooks Calender for the School Year 2014

 KZN Circular No. 17 of 2014: School Based Assessment Moderation (SBAM) In General Education And Training (GET)

 KZN Circular No. 17 of 2014: SBAM

 KZN Circular No. 18 of 2014: Audit of Learners that are Eligible to Register to Vote

 KZN Circular No. 20 of 2014: Invitation to Receive the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination (Consent Form)

 KZN Circular No. 21 of 2014: Provision of Interactive White Boards to Section 20 Schools

 KZN Circular No. 27 of 2014: Financial Literacy Contest for Grade 11 Learners

 KZN Circular No. 29 of 2014: Implementation of Eastern Languages as a Third Language

 KZN Circular No. 31 of 2014: Concessions for Learners with Barriers to Learning and Assessment

 KZN Circular No. 32 of 2014: Policy Compliance on Submission of Audited Annual Financial Statements

 KZN Circular No. 38 of 2014: Administration of 2015 Learner Admissions in Public Schools

 KZN Circular No. 39 of 2014: Appointment of Service Providers to the NSNP for a Period of 3 Months

 KZN Circular No. 39 of 2014: Information Session for Parents of Learners in Grade 9 Regarding Subject Choices

 KZN Circular No. 46 of 2014: Security Directive Accessibility of Voting Stations (Schools) for 2014 General Elections

 KZN Circular No. 42 of 2014: KZNDOE Social Media Accounts-Facebook and Twitter

 Application Form for a Duplicate Certificate EC38

 KZN Circular No. 51 of 2014: Notice of a Meeting –ANA and NSC Improvement Programme

 KZN Circular No. 52 of 2014: Royal Show 23 May 2014-01 June 2014: 23 May 2014

 KZN Circular No. 59 of 2014: Procurement of Textbooks and Stationery for 2015 Academic Year-Schools with Function C

 KZN Circular No. 60 of 2014: Procurement of Textbooks for 2015 Academic Year-Public Schools without Section 21(1)C Function

 KZN Circular No. 58 of 2014: Improvement of ANA and NSC Results in 2014

 KZN Circular No. 62 of 2014: Continuing Professional Teacher Development Management System (CPTD)

 KZN Circular No. 55 of 2014: Guidelines for the Expenditure and Control of the HIV/AIDS Conditional Grant

 KZN Circular No. 56 of 2014: Administration of the Common Assessment Task for Life Orientation in Grade 12

 KZN Circular No. 57 of 2014: Commencement of Internal End of Year Examinations

 KZN Circular No. 63 of 2014: Roles and Responsibilities of the Therapists

 KZN Circular No. 64 of 2014: Improvement of National Senior Certificate Results in 2014

 KZN Circular No. 65 of 2014: Procurement and Display of Official Photographs

 KZN Circular No. 66 of 2014: Extension of NSNP Service Providers from 21 July to 30 September 2014

 KZN Circular No. 67 of 2014: Delivery of Grade R-9 Workbooks

 KZN Circular No. 68 of 2014: New Mantra for the Department

 KZN Circular No. 70 of 2014: Inkosi Albert Luthuli Oral History Provincial Competition

 KZN Circular No. 72 of 2014: Curriculum Coverage for All Schools

 KZN Circular No. 75 of 2014: Distribution of Textbooks to Public Ordinary Schools

 KZN Circular No. 76 of 2014: Official Photos and Proper Protocol in Reference to the MEC

 KZN Circular No. 79 of 2014: Procurement of (Other LTSM Items) during the 2014-15 Financial Year

 KZN Circular No. 80 of 2014: Submission of Matriculation Exemption Documents Before December 2014

 KZN Circular No. 81 of 2014: Minimum Qualifications for Grade R Teachers Upon Appointment 2014

 KZN Circular No. 82 of 2014: 2014 ANA Administration in State Funded Independent Schools

 KZN Circular No. 87 of 2014: Movement of Departmental Files from the Ex-Service Centres to District Offices

 KZN Circular No. 90 of 2014: 2015 School Governing Body Elections in Public Schools

 KZN Circular No. 92 of 2014: School's Democracy Week 13-19 October 2014

 KZN Circular No. 95 of 2014: Procurement and Distribution of Stationery for the 2015 Academic Year

 KZN Circular No. 96 of 2014: World Teachers Day 2014 Message of Gratitude and Appreciation from the MEC And HOD

 KZN Circular No. 97 of 2014: Invitation to ICASA's Universal Service Access Obligation (Schools Connectivity Launch)

 KZN Circular No. 98 of 2014: Analysis of Learner Performance on ANA at School Level

 KZN Circular No. 99 of 2014: Mathematics, Science and Technology

 KZN Circular No. 94 of 2014: Promotion and Progression Requirements

 KZN Circular No. 102 of 2014: 2015 National Senior Certificate

 KZN Circular No. 101 of 2014: Bursaries for Mathematics and Physical Science FET Phase Teachers to enrol for an ACE Qualification with the University of Zululand

 KZN Circular No. 105 of 2014: Annual National Assessments (ANA) 2015 Recruitment of Markers

 KZN Circular No. 106 of 2014: school Functionality Monitoring 2015

 KZN Circular No. 103 of 2014: Service Providers Offering their Services to Learners at Schools

 KZN Circular No. 108 of 2014: 2015 Assessment Plan for Common Tests, School Based Assessment and Annual National Assessment at the General Education Band (GET)

 KZN Circular No. 109 of 2014: Confirmation of the Procurement and Distribution of the 2015 LTSM Resources / Other LTSM


KZN Circular of 2015

 Compliance with Section 58B of the South African Schools Act

 KZN Circular No. 03 of 2015: Erratum on KZN Circular No. 3 of 2015 - KZN NSNP

 KZN Circular No. 04 of 2015: 2014 Grade 12 Repeaters in Public Secondary Schools

 KZN Circular No. 06 of 2015: Participation in the Schools' Sport Leagues in 2015

 KZN Circular No. 07 of 2015: Vetting of SMS KZN Education

 KZN Circular No. 10 of 2015: Preparations for the ICT in Education Summit

 KZN Circular No. 15 of 2015: Procurement of the 2016 LTSM

 KZN Circular No. 16 of 2015: Invitation to Receive the Human Papillomavirus (HPVA) Vaccination

 KZN Circular No. 18 of 2015: Conduct of Provincial Common Tests

 KZN Circular No. 19 of 2015: 2014 School Based Assessment Moderation

 KZN Circular No. 20 of 2015: World Reading Aloud Day, 04 March 2015

 KZN Circular No. 24 of 2015: Concessions for September 2015 Annual National Assessments

 KZN Circular No. 33 of 2015: Capacity Building of Principals on Curriculum Management

 KZN Circular No. 36 of 2015: Staff Appointments on Promotion

 KZN Circular No. 37 of 2015: Launch of the Mathematics and Physical Sciences Ambassadorship Programme

 KZN Circular No. 39 of 2015: Administration of Learner Admissions in Public Schools for 2016

 KZN Circular No. 40 of 2015: SASOL Inzalo Training in MST for HODS and Teachers

 KZN Circular No. 41 of 2015: Royal Show 29 May 2015 to 07 June 2015

 KZN Circular No. 42 of 2015: Procurement of Textbooks and Stationery for 2016 Schools with Function C

 KZN Circular No. 43 of 2015: Procurement of Textbooks for 2016 Academic Year

 KZN Circular No. 45 of 2015: Meeting with Districts in Respect of 88 FET and 51 GET MST Focus Schools

 KZN Circular No. 46 of 2015: Launch of the Agriculture Ambassadorship Programme

 KZN Circular No. 47 of 2015: Winter and Spring Classes for Grade 12 Leaners

 KZN Circular No. 56 of 2015: Communications and Publications Directorate Staff Allocation





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