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About Us

Our Vision
Well-informed learners who thrive in a complex information environment in the 21st century.
Our Mission 

Promoting equitable access to good school libraries as centres of academic excellence.
Our Goals
- Provision of quality library resources, which are classified and processed for targeted schools
- Establishment of new school libraries in line with equity and redress principles
- Encouragement of reading as a foundational skill for learning, personal growth and enjoyment in all schools
- Provision of library –related professional development and support for targeted schools
- Support of effective utilization of Education Centre libraries and mobile library service
- Rewarding excellence in school libraries 
- Facilitation of integration of Information Skills into the curriculum in all schools
- Promotion of ICT as a tool for accessing information and managing school libraries
Our Values
Service excellence, Accountability, Collaboration, Integrity, Professionalism, Diversity Management, Inclusion and Transparency
ELITS Workshop 13-15 July 2011






Education Library Information and Technology
School Libraries

School libraries serve as a basis of diverse information resources ranging from print, visual, audio-visual to electronic resources. They fulfil various information needs of learners and educators within the parameters of curriculum development and enrichment. 

The aims of a school library is to: 
- Provide learners and teachers with a wide range of quality library resources 
- Facilitate teaching of library and information skills that enables learners to be information literate.
- Promote reading for information and pleasure as a fundamental skill for lifelong learning.
- Promote use of Information and Communication Technology [ICT] as a modernised tool for acquiring information.
- Provide a suitable environment for self-directed study, research and independent learning.
- Provide adequate functional facilities for group work or class-work.

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